ABHORRENT DECIMATION formed back in 2013 and hails from London, England.
"MIASMIC MUTATION" is the bands second release and follow up to 2013's
"INFECTED CELESTIAL UTOPIA" and came out back in 2015. These guys play a
brutal and aggressive style of Death Metal music. I can hear a mash up of old and new
school Death Metal influences within their music. They take some of the old straight
forward, dirty and brutal Floridian Death Metal and mix it with a more modern and
slightly technical style. The guitar work is where most of the modern and technical
elements come out. The guitars at times have an almost dirty Speed / Thrash Metal
sound, but in the more grooved out parts. The drumming of Matt Doubleday is sick as
shit. He will go from a grooved out drum beat into some fast blast beats and them some
crushing drum fills. He is probably one of the better underground drummers out there
today. The vocals are done in a harsh and sometimes thick Death Metal growl style that
reminded me of early
combined. These guys may not have been around that long, but with two massive
releases under their belts they should get huge in the scene, especially if they keep
putting out more albums like this.
ABHORRENT DECIMATION is band that needs to
be heard and should be in every Death Metal collection.


                                                                                              - Reviewed by Burt Wolf