ABRIOSIS is a Progressive Death Metal band hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia.
Taylor Lipton formed the band back in 2007 to be more of a live band to perform some solo
work he did from the main bands he was in at the time. Later bringing in some other
members to form a full fledge band. These guys recorded and toured all over Canada all
funded by themselves. As with many bands, there were many rotating band members to
come and go. This brings us to the present day and the bands latest offering "VESSELS".
This album sees a new vocalist in the form of Alex Ness formerly of
This newest line up is the tightest and most aggressive line up for the band thus far. The band
has progressed in their song writing and arrangements with each new release. They have a
very high energetic sound that is very Progressive, especially in the guitars, which is the
driving force behind the band. They take some of their more brutal and harsher influences of
old school almost European Death Metal and mix them in with a more Modern Death Metal
style. There are a few spots where you can almost hear some Black Metal coming through,
but these are very small parts. Alex's vocals are done in a mid ranged Death growl style with
some slightly higher Black Metal type growls. If you tend to lean more towards the more
Modern Death Metal type bands then you definitely want to add
ABRIOSIS to your
collection, even though a lot of old school Death Metal fans will like these guys as well.
Very impressive release from a band that out does themselves with each new release!