Self Released

ACARO is newer band to the scene and they hail from Boston, Massachusetts. They play
a blend of old and new school style Metal music. They take a lot of the brutal heaviness
from early 90's Death Metal and mix it with more modern styles of Death Metal. Their
music is really tight and very aggressive. There is a blend of new school technical and
melodic Death Metal. They would best be fitted in the Metalcore / Deathcore genre. This is
a huge form of music right now and these guys are at the top of their game. The music does
incorporate a lot of groove, breakdowns and stop and start parts all through out as well.
There is some slight Thrash Metal influences in the guitar work at times too. Chris Harrell's
vocals are done in a mid ranged Deathcore styled growl with some Metalcore screams. I
was a big fan of Chris' previous band
BURN IN SILENCE (see interviews), so I knew I
was going to love
ACARO. The band also features members of OVERCAST, INFINITE
& ANGOR. If you like your Metalcore /
Deathcore brutal as hell, but with a little melodicness and tech mixed in and done right,
then you must check out
ACARO. These guys maybe fairly new to the scene, but with
more killer releases like "THE DISEASE OF FEAR" in the future, these guys are gonna be
a staple in the Metal scene!!!