Some of you older Metal heads out there may already know about ACCUSER. These guys
have been around since 1986 and play old school Thrash Metal music. The band is from
Germany, but they have a more American Thrash Metal sound, almost like the Bay Area
Thrash Metal style. There might be some slight touches of German Thrash in their music,
but this would come in some of the arrangements of the songs. The music itself has that
really cool grooved out Thrash sound. The guitars reminded me a lot of
while the vocals were more in the vein of vein of
KREATOR mixed with a little LAMB
. There are some more modern Thrash Metal sounds like in MUNICIPAL
or TRIVIUM because they sound a little more intricate and involved all while
maintaining that fast paced shredding style.
ACCUSER went under a different name for a
little while, during 2004-2008 they were known as
SCARTRIBE. I believe they played a
similar style, but they later converted back to the
ACCUSER name. I grew up on Thrash
Metal in the '80's when it was just being born, so I love any Thrash Metal band from that
era, or bands playing that style.
ACCUSER is one of the great undiscovered bands from
that era that has been pouring out quality Thrash album after quality Thrash album. If your
a fan of the Bay Area Thrash Metal scene or even the New York Thrash scene of that time
then you definitely want
ACCUSER in your collection.