ACE AUGUSTINE started out back in 2008 out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
These guys play a very popular style of Metalcore music, but these guys add a little
something more to help them stand out amongst the many other bands in the scene. They
have the heavy groove oriented guitars that is common in Metalcore, but there is a bit of a
more Progressive feel to their sound. They also add in lots of melody and rhythm to add
more flavoring. The other thing they have added is a lot of Post Hardcore influences, which
come through in the more melodic and slower parts of their songs. I am not a big fan of
Post Hardcore, but the way these guys melt it in with the Metalcore really got me liking it.
I dig all the breakdowns and change ups that show up in a lot of their songs as well. The
band went through some changes and a break up then a reunion and more member changes
over the years. With some new band members involved now the band has reinvented their
sound and come out with a more aggressive yet melodic sound, but a more progressed and
improved style. If your a Post Hardcore / Metalcore fan and looking for something that is
fresh in the scene and extremely good, then your gonna want to check out