ACHERON is one of the best and legendary Metal bands in the underground scene. The
band has put out numerous releases and influenced countless bands over the years. These
guys formed in 1988 out of Tampa, Florida, later relocating to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
and now reside in Columbus, Ohio. These guys play an extreme style of Death Metal
music that pulls in many influences and elements from Black Metal, Thrash Metal and
Traditional Heavy Metal. The bands dark image, vibe and lyrical contain help make them
one of the greats. The band has gone through many changes over the years, but all sticking
with the
ACHERON sound they are known for. The music is done in a faster paced
Death metal style with heavy Thrash Metal guitar worked injected within. The harsher
and more dominate Black Metal subject of their lyrics add to the formula of their sound.
"KULT DES HASSES" is the bands first releases in four years. Was it worth the wait, hell
yes! These guys never fail to deliver the evil goodness. This time around I felt they leaned
more towards a Thrash / Black Metal crossover style with Death Metal elements mixed
through out. I loved how they changed things up where one minute we are going through a
fast paced Thrash attack with crunchy shredding guitar riffs and the next things are slowed
down and we have a dark clean Black Metal vibe going. Then they will take you through a
fast paced grinding Death Metal assault of blast beats laced with Black Metal cold harsh
bleakness. The vocals range from low ended Death growls, to mid ranged Thrash vocals
and harsh Black Metal growls. Guitarist and vocalist Vincent Crowley always manages to
out do himself on each new release. I am a big fan of the bands early release and "KULT
DES HASSES" has a strong of those older releases with some new modern tweaks thrown
in. If you are into killer bands like
& early SLAYER
then you must pick up this or any release from
ACHERON's amazing back albums. One
of the greatest bands in the underground scene that I feel, doesn't get the much deserved
respect and attention they have earned over the many years.
ACHERON is the perfect
example of a great Metal band that has merged the best genres of Metal, being, Heavy
Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal & Black Metal together. All Hail