ADE hails from Rome, Italy and was formed back in 2007. These guys play a very extreme
form of Death Metal music that infuses elements of old and new school Death Metal. Their
music focuses on the origins and history of their country and are inspired by ancient Greek
mythology and history. Their lyrics are written and sung in both English & Latin. These
guys pull some of the most brutal elements from old school Death Metal that was very
strong and dominated in the mid '90's and melt it with a lot of the more groove oriented and
technical Death Metal of today. I have been a fan of Death Metal since the beginning and
have loved the way it has progressed over the years. I love both the new and the old bands
ADE is a perfect combination of this. The high intensity of their sound just puts you in
a mood that makes you want to head out to battle, while also shaking your head and trying
to figure out how they are pulling off some of the stuff they are playing. They add in some
traditional Roman instruments into their music, which helps even more set them apart from
the rest of the bands in their genre. If
NILE is the Egyptian Death Metal band, these guys
are the Roman Death Metal band. These guys should be playing all over the world and in
the collection of every Death Metal fan. "SPARTACUS" should have been used as the
soundtrack for the movie 300. This album puts a strangle hold on you right from the
beginning and doesn't ever let up. This is one of my top favorite albums of 2013. No Death
Metal collection is complete if
ADE is not in it! I loved these guys! One amazing release
from start to finish! Get this album now, play it loud & play it often!