AEON ZEN is a Progressive Metal band hailing from London, England U.K. These guys
have been creating their progressive sounds since 2008 and show no signs of stopping. I'm
not a huge fan of Prog Metal and am a little picky when it comes to this style, but I know
what I like &
AEON ZEN is extremely good. They have a really intricate and highly
involved Progressive Metal style, but there is a lot more. They will take you from a 70's
styled Prog Rock sound straight into modern Prog Metal with influences of Power &
Thrash Metal and then into some Death Metal parts as well. This is why I say they are
not a typical Prog Metal band. The stuff they do that is more Modern Prog metal is what I
liked the best. This would come in the form of the drums and how the beats are laid out,
cause they are very tight, fast and slamming. The guitar work is where the majority of the
Prog Rock / Metal comes into play along with some Speed Metal type rhythms. The other
parts that give them a more atmospheric and space like vibe is the addition of keyboards.
They have a bit of Classical meets Prog meets Experimental feel to them. The vocals of
Andi Kravljaca & Rich Hinks follow the same path as the music. They mostly flow with a
melodic and dramatic Prog Rock / Metal style with some faster and harsher Thrash type
vocals as well as some lower ended Death growls mixed in. These guys would like a
combination of
& a little bit of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. Check this
extremely talented band out!!!