AEON ZEN hails from London, England and plays a very Progressive style of Metal
music. The band formed back in 2008 and has continuosly progressed with each new
release. They have a very solid Metal sound, but they add in elements of Prog Rock as well
as some Classic Rock and Power Metal influences. The band has three full lengths and a
few other releases as well as this, "SELF PORTRAIT" which is an EP release. The release
only contains four tracks, but they are very impressive and amazing tracks. Three of the
tracks here are re-workings of tracks off the bands first release "A MIND'S PORTRAIT".
The fourth track is a completely new composition and showcases the bands direction going
forward. The songs almost seem like completly new tracks because of the new
arrangements and structures. They have a very strong modern Progressive Metal sound as
the foundation and they build off of that. The guitar work is very intricate and well
mastered. You can tell that these guys have really honed their skills and are some of the
finest musicians in the Metal scene today. The keyboard parts tend to give the band a
some what fantasy or ethereal like sound. It takes you into another realm. I really dug this
a lot about the band. The other thing that helps them stand out is the combination of
different vocal styles. They have a blend of mid ranged Traditional Metal mixed with
melodic Prog Metal, clean Power Metal as well as some lower almost Death Metal
growling vocals. The best way to describe the vocals of Andi Kravljaca with the backing
vocals of Rich Hinks is
ALICE COOPER meets Ronnie James Dio with touches of
Lemmy of
MOTORHEAD & dabs of Hansi Kürsch of BLIND GUARDIAN. Simply an
amazing release from start to finish. Even though it's only a four song EP you get almost
twenty minutes of some of the most impressive Prog Metal in the scene. If you haven't
AEON ZEN, you must pick up this release and then search out their back catalog.