Self Released

AETHERIUM MORS is a two man Black Metal project hailing from Plymouth, United
Kingdom. This two man project consists of Dan Couch (guitars & drums) & Kane Nelson
(vocals). The music is firmly planted in the Black Metal genre, but much Death Metal
influences are definitely bursting through as well. These two guys are truly amazing
musicians. They have a strong old school European Black Metal feel like a lot of stuff
coming out of this area as well as Italy, France & Greece in the early 90's. Then they add in
some mid 90's American Death Metal elements as well. The music is ultra tight and some
what stylistic in parts, especially in the guitar work. It has a really clean, clear and crisp
Speed Metal style to it. The drums is where a lot of the Death Metal elements come into
play. They are very fast, heavy and aggressive. The drums and they guitars have a battle
going back and forth for the driving force behind the band, which is funny since it's the
same guy doing both. The vocals is pure Black Metal domination with thick throaty and
groggy Black Metal growls and screams. These two guys are down right great musicians
with a lot of talent pouring out of them. Every Black Metal fan needs to check these guys
out and get this release in their collection. Amazing from start to finish!!!