AGHARTI is a very diverse Metal act from Croatia that formed back in 2009. These guys
and girls have a lot of different influences mixed within their sound that it kind of makes
them hard to categorize. The best style I would say they fit in would be Gothic Metal, just
because of the dark melodic style they have. The music itself combines elements of
Traditional Heavy Metal, Gothic Metal, Grunge, Progressive Metal and some Thrash /
Speed Metal all together. The majority of the music has a melodic Gothic style, but you
can hear the other elements popping out at times. The faster more aggressive guitar parts is
where you can hear some Thrash & Speed Metal coming out. In the slower more melodic
and intricate parts is where you can hear the Progressive Metal elements. When the music
gets a bit grooved and dirty then the Grunge influences shine through, but it's all blanketed
with the Gothic Metal. The addition of the atmospheric keyboards helps them with the
Gothic Metal sound. Tina's female vocals also add to the Gothic Metal sound with her
melodic and angelic vocal style. They sometimes add in some male vocals which breaks
things up a bit.
AGHARTI is an amazing band that I could really see breaking through
here in the states and make it big. If you were to combine the talents of
& HUNTRESS together you would get the greatness
that is
AGHARTI. This band is extremely talented and deserves an extreme amount of
attention and support! I highly recommend everyone to seek out this amazing band!