"FUCKTROPOLIS" is the fourth release from Alberta, Canada's ALL ELSE FAILS. I
have been a fan of these guys for some time now and am anxious to see what they do next.
The band has evolved over the years into a well honed Metal machine. They play a mixture
of a few styles that would be hard to slap them in one sub genre of the Metal style. They
take elements of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Progressive & Traditional Heavy
Metal and melt them all together to create their sound. The majority of their sound would
be in the Metalcore sub genre though. They build off of this foundation and add in the
above styles. There are all out straight forward classic Death Metal passages. They pull in
influences of old school American Death Metal as well as some more modern technical
Death Metal. They then add in some melodic modern Metal elements with touches of
grooved out modern Metal. The faster more aggressive parts is where the majority of the
Metalcore shines through. They have a very cool chugging guitar sound that tends to sound
like a mixture of Thrash Metal and Metalcore together. They mix things up as well with the
vocals too. The vocals range from low ended Death Metal growls, Hardcore screams,
Metalcore screams / growls and then some modern clean Metal vocals as well as some
melodic Post Hardcore type clean vocals. These guys have a lot of different stuff going on,
but it all boils down to being Metal.
ALL ELSE FAILS is one of the best Metal acts to
come out of Canada in the past ten years. If you haven't heard these guys yet, you must
grab a copy of "FUCKTROPOLIS" and crank loud!