I don't know much on ALL FOR ONE and couldn't really find any information online for
them, but I do know one thing that they are a very good Metalcore band. These guys play
a very cool mixture of Metal and Hardcore music to create their sound. They have a strong
Hardcore feel in the song structures and the way things are laid out. The Metal comes into
play more in the guitar work and how the guitar riffs move from grooved out, to shredding
and then straight into chugging parts. I loved the more Progressive and Traditional
sounding Metal guitar parts a lot, which I was surprised, because I am not a big guitar
person. I love the fact that the thick and pounding bass and drum sound dominated the
music a lot. I prefer the rhythm section over anything else and these guys really bring it.
The vocals are done in a crossover style of Hardcore and Metal as well. They have a low
ended Death growl style at times and then go into a more Hardcore scream or yell style
and then even toss in some melodic almost Post Hardcore type vocals. I really wish I
could find out more from these guys because they are a really, really good band and have
an amazing sound. I love these four tracks on "AS EMPIRES FALL", but they are just
not enough! I want, no I need more!!!