Holy crap! ALL HAIL THE YETI is one hell of a great Metal band! I was blown away as
soon as the first song "Deep Creek" all the way through to the last song "Judas Cradle"
ALL HAIL THE YETI is a Los Angeles based Metal band that combines several
styles together to create their sound. They add in many elements of Sludge Metal,
Metalcore, Hardcore & Thrash / Groove Metal together to create an amazing sound. They
sometimes combine all these styles into one song and other times one of these styles will
dominate the song. They have a thick huge engulfing sound that sucks you in and makes
you want to crank this as loud as you can and listen as often as you can. The thick bass
sound of Nick Diltz gives the band that really powerful Sludge Metal sound that could hail
back to 70's
BLACK SABBATH. While the crushing dual guitars assaults of Craw
NeQuent & Brian Harrah throw the band into a Thrashing frenzy. The solid pounding drum
sound from Steve White gives the band that in your face Hardcore aggression and attitude.
Connor Garrity's vocal style follows the path of the music most of the time. Sometimes he
has a gritty Hardcore scream, then into a harsh Thrash Metal scream / growl sound, then a
lower ended slower more thick Sludge style and straight into a pissed of Metalcore growl!
This is a huge impressive first release for these guys right out of the gate. I hope that they
can top this album on the next release or at least match the greatness of this one. One
amazing Metal band that must be heard! They have a little something for every Metal head
out there. All hail