Starring: Laz Alonso, Danielle Burgio, Marisa Ramirez, David Keith, Jeffrey Combs & more.

This film takes place over 3 time periods in a small Mexican village. A man discovers a cave that
holds hidden treasures. He forces the town folks to help uncover it & promises to share it with
them. Once he has it all he kills all the town folks. Every year on "The Day Of The Dead" (a
Mexican holiday) the dead return from the graves as zombies to try & kill this man & his family.
Present day time, a young couple are driving through Mexico when their car breaks down in the
village. They are caught up in the weird goings on in the village as well, forced to fight off the
zombies to save their own lives! The film was a little annoying at times, because of some of the
acting. The zombies looked cool, but that's about all. There are better zombie movies out there!!!