AFM Records

ALMAH is an amazing Power Metal band hailing from Brazil. "Motion" is the bands
third release to date. The band originally started as a solo project from
ANGRA lead
singer Edu Falaschi. The project became a full band between the first and second albums.
The band once again experiments with heavy melodic Power Metal styled music. This
time around they add in many other elements and changes to the sound to expand upon
what they are already known for. There are lots of crisp clean guitar riffs that pass over
into Thrash Metal at times along with some aggressive hard hitting beats found in
Traditional Heavy Metal. The well crafted song structures and passages also gives them a
very strong Progressive Metal sound as well. This band is amazing! Any fan of
or the bands previous releases will be blown away from the moment this album starts.
Highly recommended for all Power / Progressive Metal fans!