ALTAR OF OBLIVION hails from Denmark and plays Epic Doom Metal with strong
Traditional Heavy Metal influences. "GRAND GESTURE OF DEFIANCE" is the bands
second full length studio release to date. They formed back in 2005 and have been
continuing to expand their sound ever since. They have a very cool atmosphere and
theatrical sound that dominates the majority of their sound. The music is a little darker a
dreary sounding like you would find in Doom Metal, but then goes into a more up beat
sound that is found in Traditional Heavy Metal. These guys have been compared to
MERCYFUL FATE a lot, but I think they don't sound like them at all. I am not a huge fan
MERCYFUL FATE, (I know I just pissed off a lot of people, sorry), but I feel ALTAR
is a much better band (and pissed off more people) and can achieve the
cult status of
MERCYFUL FATE. The only thing they have in coming is the big Epic &
atmospheric sound and they both hail from Denmark. I could just never really get into King
Diamond's vocals. (Sorry everyone!) These guys have a very cool almost medieval sound
to their music as well. They reminded me of a darker more dreary and dramatic version of
DIO. This is mostly because of the Epic story telling in the lyrics. Throw in some elements
CANDLEMASS and you have a decent idea of what this great band sounds like.
ALTAR OF OBLIVION is well on their way to achieving that cult status, especially if
they keep releasing quality albums like this one!