Sacramento, California's Death Metal monsters ALTERBEAST have unleashed their
debut full length release in the name of "IMMORTAL". These guys have taken everything
that has been great with classic Death Metal and merged it with modern Death Metal to
create their sound. They take the spastic heavy and brutal straight forward Death Metal
sound of the genres early days an add in some solid and intricate technical sounds of
modern day Death Metal. The music itself will sometimes lean towards one or the other,
but for the most part it is an equally melted style. I loved how they will go from a very
thick fast paced and brutal part and then slam you in to a quick stop and flip it into a very
technical style of Death Metal. There are a bunch of killer stop and start parts,
breakdowns and tempo changes all through out as well. The guitar work of Andrew Lamb
and Rusty Cornell is the shining part of the bands sound. They compliment each others
sound so well and set the pace for the madness within. The vocals are done in  
combination style of low ended thick Death Metal growls with some mid ranged to higher
screaming Death vocals. "IMMORTAL" is one of the most impressive debuts from a band
in a long time. I can't wait to hear what these guys deliver to us next. All Death Metal fans
must check them out, you won't be disappointed!!!