Self Released
“INTO THE ETERNAL VOID” is the debut full length, released independently , by
Black Metal band
AMBROZ, having only released one prior demo, “NIGHT FUNERAL”
in 2008.  Hailing from Macedonia,
AMBROZ comes from a section in the world
surrounded by countries with heralded Metal scenes of many differing styles, and very
much in this spirit,
AMBROZ takes their influence from a variety of differing styles
within the Black and Death Metal genres. Most notably I sense a nod to the English Black
Metal sound of the 1990s with
HECATE ENTHRONED and the more traditional Black
Metal elements of
CRADLE OF FILTH. There are the requisite keyboard heavy
orchestrations, though not nearly as densely populated as you would hear on a
record.  These classical elements serve the band well. With this kind of
keyboard laden music, its really easy to tip over into the Gothic music genre with no
coming back. The band navigate this minefield nicely. Adding more parts Black / Death
Metal than parts Gothic Metal. Varying influences are mixed throughout.
and the odd American Death Metal riff and even melodic Death Metal,
there is a lot covered within one listen of this 36 minute album. This would be the
substance of possibly my only, or at least my biggest, complaint concerning our
submission here. It almost seems like the band is trying to cover TOO much ground with
one album from one band.  Though put together extremely well, there is almost too much
here for one record, especially one that’s just over the half-hour line. The singular genre
influence that really tends to displace the listener, or this one anyway, are the more
modern Metal breakdowns. They’re a fact of life now and have their place, but in this mix,
that’s the first place I would look to hack off some of the fat.  Sticking to the more
traditional elements, this band has got some serious potential and some excellent material
committed to tape already. “INTO THE ENDLESS VOID” is a good, solid leap out of the
gate for
AMBROZ. I don’t think fans who remember that HECATE ENTHRONED
were a SERIOUSLY good Black Metal band (before being misappropriated by CRADLE
detractors), and fans of young, atmospheric Black / Death Metal could find
many problems with

                                                                                            - Reviewed by Keith Dempe