Starring: Mila Kunis, William Shatner, Geraint Wyn Davies, Robin Dunne, Lindy Booth & more.

This film has nothing really to do with the first film. They just wanted to rely on the name of the
first film to sell this one. Mila Kunis is the only survivor of the original killer in the first one & she
supposedly killed him & got away with it when she was very young. She is now grown & in
college & is set on getting into the FBI. She will kill anyone who gets in her way. The film is a bit
slow & boring at times & is a bit cheesy as well. The death scenes are nothing major & don't really
show much. This film should have never been linked to the first film. Check it out if you want, but
not really worth viewing, other than to see Mila Kunis in one of earlier roles!