AMOK is a killer Thrash Metal band out of Glasgow, Scotland. "SOMEWHERE IN THE
WEST" was released at the end of 2013 and is the bands latest release. They formed back
in 2014 and play a kind of tweaked and newer version of classic Thrash Metal from the
'80's. The music has that very fast paced and aggressive Thrash Metal style that launched
this style back in the day. I kept thinking of the Bay Area Thrash Metal scene mashed
together with the East Coast Thrash scene from New York & New Jersey areas. There are
a ton of shredding guitars that flow into the more gritty Thrash guitar sounds. The vocalist
Stephen Matulevicze sounded like a blend of old
NUCLEAR ASSAULT mixed with early
OVERKILL & WRATHCHILD AMERICA. I was getting so hyped up and amped when
listening to these guys because that was the era I grew up in and Thrash Metal became my
favorite style of Metal music. They took me back to those days big time. I could picture
these guys having a huge following and people going crazy when they see them live.
AMOK is one of the best modern Thrash Metal bands I have heard in a long time. They do
the classic Thrash Metal sound proud without out sounding like a retro band or ripping
anyone of those classic bands off. If they came out in the '80's they would have been just
as big as the great
these guys and can't wait to see what they offer up next! Every Thrash Metal fan needs to
have these guys in their collection!!!