The Swedish Viking Metal giants, AMON AMARTH are back and better than ever. These
guys play a crushing and dynamic style of Viking Metal that no other band can top. When
you hear their music you know it's
AMON AMARTH no matter what. These guys have
been creating music for the Gods since 1992 and show no signs of stopping. I am so highly
impressed with each new release these guys put out. There are very few bands out there
that can continuously top their previous album each time.
AMON AMARTH play Viking
Metal that combines many elements of Thrash / Death / Folk Metal together. The guitar
work is super tight and chugging like you would find in Thrash Metal, with a grooved out
Death Metal vibe. The thick drumming is powerful and would please the thunder God
himself. I love how they blend these styles together so smoothly that they were meant to
be. The vocals of Johan Hegg are done in a mid ranged Death Metal vocal style that is
understandable and reminds me some what of
ENTOMBED, but a little grittier. The
majority of the lyrics on "DECEIVER OF THE GODS" is based around Loki and what his
human attributes have to do with the rest of the Norse gods.
AMON AMARTH is one of
those bands that people keep giving so much praise to, but no matter what it is never
enough to give them enough justice. The only way to fully appreciate the amazing talent
and God like greatness of
AMON AMARTH is to listen to them for yourself. These guys
have probably been one of my all time favorite bands in the Death Metal scene for many
years and will still be for many years to come!
AMON AMARTH is yet another band that
shows why Sweden has produced some of the best bands in the Metal community!