ANTAGONISM is an urban Death Metal band coming out of central Italy. The band was
born from the ashes of the band
CANCRENA. This originally started out as a two man
project and quickly expanded to a full band. The band has been around since 2005, with a
few demos under their belt, they have finally released their first full length album entitled
"DIGGING PAST SOUNDS". They play a modern style of Death Metal music. They
have some Metalcore influences present, especially in the more grooved out parts. There
is a lot of fast past double bass kicks, with some stop and start parts as well as some
breakdowns and tempo changes. The vocals are done in a throaty and groggy mid ranged
vocal growl style. There are a lot of bands flooding the scene playing this style, but these
guys are definitely one of the better ones out there. Check them out and blast this album
over and over again! Killer band and a killer release!