Poland's Metal monster known as ANTIGAMA is back with their sixth studio album
entitled "METEOR". These guys have been creating mayhem since 2000 and show no
signs of stopping. They play a mixture of Death Metal and Grindcore styled music. Their
music is a little different than what you would expect from a Grindcore band. They do have
the fast paced, chaotic and spastic Grindcore parts, but it's done in a more Progressive
Metal style. I know this sounds weird, but yes, it's Progressive Grindcore. They mix in a
lot of heavily involved song structures and arrangements into all the Grindcore madness.
Then they blend in some grooved out thick Death Metal elements as well. Their earlier
work had more of a Grindcore vibe then now, but that's fine with me. The vocals are also
done in a Death Metal growl style, with some slower cleaner vocals as well as some faster
spastic Grindcore screams. These guys have a ton to offer a some times stale Metal genre.
If you want to hear something original and fresh then you must check out
They remind me of a bunch of bands I was hearing come out of Poland in the late '90's, but
with a fresh twist added in!