Hailing from Poland comes the great ANTIGAMA with a killer new releases "STOP THE
CHAOS". These guys play a raunchy and obnoxious style of Grindcore music. This is
not your typical Grindcore band, cause they add in a lot of variety and flare to their
sound to make them stand out. They have some definite Death Metal influences present
all through out. Once some of the chaos slows down there are some Avantgarde parts that
shine through. There is a huge adrenaline fueled feel to their music that just keeps
pounding forward. Blast beats galore along with some crusty grinding guitar parts, that at
times almost have an old school Thrash Metal feel, make up the majority of the bands
sound. Mid ranged harsh Death / Grind growls round out the bands massive sound. If you
like your Grindcore to have a little variety and still stick to the spastic, harsh and
aggressive Grindcore style, then you definitely want to pick up
ANTIGAMA. You'll be
searching out their back catalog after listening to this killer new release! Buy it, Blast it,
Grind it!