APOSENTO can trace their origin all of the way back to 1990, recording two demos
(“BLOODY RITUAL” in 1992 and “ETERNAL AGONY” in 1993) and a mini CD
“WELCOME TO DARKNESS” in 1997. After this, the band took a break until 2012
when this Spanish Death Metal machine was resurrected with another mini CD called
“RETORNO A LA MURTE”. This brings us to our task at hand, their debut, self titled
full length album, released on compact disc in 2014 by a label bringing forth a ton of old
Death Metal back to life,
XTREEM MUSIC. Going for neither the ultra-technical end of
the spectrum nor the gritty underbelly of Death Metal,
APOSENTO play really straight
forward early 1990s US Death Metal. A myriad of names swirl in my head, but some
that rise to the top are early
and a lot of the “second tier” bands from the US who released
albums on labels like
. Anyone who was an avid follower of the US Death Metal scene back
then, will surely remember these bands…the “lost and forgotten”.  “Lost and forgotten”
NOT because of their inability to perform solid Death Metal, but “lost and forgotten”
simply because of the innumerable bands doing a similar (and at times exact) thing and
being released on smaller “hit and run” labels like
JL AMERICA. Much in this vein,
APOSENTO play Death Metal along an extremely well trodden path. Those looking for
something ground breaking should look elsewhere. The album shows little variation from
the above mentioned 1990s US elixir of Death Metal decomposition, at times evoking the
old Swedish sound of old
DERANGED and VOMITORY, which not surprising seeing
APOSENTO performed “Blessed and Forsaken” on the “Rebirth of the Grotesque-
A Tribute to
VOMITORY” CD the same year this album was released. There are also
little clippings of bands like
BOLT THROWER (“Aliens-Seres Del Mas Alla”) and
DEICIDE (“Mutiladora Genital”) here and there. A few times throughout the breadth of
this entire album,
APOSENTO break into something above and beyond the status quo
for this album. The track “Inquisidor De Un Falso Profeta” for instance… Rhythmically
something completely different and also my favorite track. Suffice to say, if you’re
yearning to relive the Death Metal scene of 1992 America, then look no further than this
one. It's pretty obvious from minute one into the listening of this, we’re going nowhere
new, but
APOSENTO do play with a shit load of vigor and ferocity. That coupled with
a heavy and sullied guitar sound make
APOSENTO more than simply a decent listen…
fans of early 1990s middle America Death Metal should take special heed.


                                                                                            - Reviewed by Keith Dempe