APPARITIONS is the new result that came from the ashes of the band THIS TWILIGHT
. This new formation of the band is a bit different from their previous band. They mix
in many influences and styles into their sound that it makes
APPARITIONS  a bit hard to
place in any one genre of music. This is a good thing though, which is apparent after one
listen to their debut album "KISS ME SLEEPING". The band describes themselves as Pop
Metal, but they are more along the lines of Post Hardcore or Metalcore. The music is too
heavy at most times to be able to be Pop Metal, but the Pop elements are present in certain
areas. There is a strong aggressive sound through out most of the music, which is where the
Metalcore style is very dominate. They do add in some elements of Screamo, which I can't
stand, but for some reason really liked the way these guys mixed it in. They also add in some
Post Hardcore that comes off a bit melodic and then super intense & angry. The elements I
really liked the most, was the insertion of the Electronica parts, which really surprised me,
cause I'm not a big fan of this style music at all & it was my favorite part. I like when bands
take what has already been done and put there own twist on it. That is exactly what
APPARITIONS has done. They have taken the stale Metalcore & Hardcore scene and added
some new flavoring to it and came up with a fresh sound. This may not be for everyone out
there into these styles, but if you have an open mind and want to hear some well written,
well played and original sounding music then, check these guys out. They sound as if
merged with SICK OF IT ALL & joined forces with BORN
& BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. It's a weird combination, but that's
what I heard & that's what I liked about them. Check them out & keep an open mind!