APPARITIONS is a Post hardcore band that has been kicking around since 2011. These
guys have been picking up steam and gather more fans with each new release. "PART 2:
THE INFERNO" is the bands third studio release to date. They base their sound in a new
school Post Hardcore style, but I can hear some old school Hardcore mixed in as well as
some Metalcore elements too. They Hardcore elements are present in the harder and more
aggressive parts. These were my favorite parts of the bands sound. The more Post
Hardcore parts are in some of the arrangements and the vocals. The vocals is where I hear
most of it as they are done mostly in a melodic and clean style. They do mix in some more
angry and screaming Hardcore vocals too. The Metalcore sound is mostly in the guitars.
They have that clean crisp and shredding Metal sound that you hear in a lot of todays
Metalcore bands I am not a huge fan of Post Hardcore, but because they mix the old
school Hardcore and The Metalcore I really dig it a lot.  Check these guys out, because I
feel if they keep putting out releases like this they will explode big time!!!