Self Released

Emerging in 2012, ARA is a new technical Death Metal band out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
These guys maybe a new band, but the band consists of members of the Sludge band
NORTHLESS and an instrumental band called CONCENTRIC. ARA has taking their
skills from their other bands and created a technical almost Prog Death Metal style. The
music does pull some influences from the old school Death Metal genre, but they don't fall
into a throwback type band format. They take what was great from '90's styled Death Metal
and add their own technical flair on it and twist and mold it into a fresh new sound. Yeah,
there are a lot of bands doing this these days, but not many can compare to the way these
guys have perfected it. There way the songs are laid out and arranged are well thought out
and not just thrown together. The guitar work is simply amazing and well crafted.
brings to mind a well balanced mixture of the old like
with the newer bands like THE BLACK DAHLIA
& BENEATH THE MASSACRE. This is one hell of a debut
release, showcasing what these guys are all about. If this is any indication of what the future
brings for
ARA, I definitely want to be along for the ride.