Starring: Rob Monkiewicz, Irene Jospeh, David Bunce, Bevin McGraw, Alexxus Young & more.

A group of students & their college professor are flying to Arizona to go on an Arch ecologic dig.
During the flight they are brought down by a meteor shower & they crash in the middle of nowhere.
As they walk to find some shelter, they come upon a small farm house. They take refuge there &
once the owner comes home he tells them of giant spiders that have emerged from underground
cause by the meteor shower. The house soon becomes under attack by these huge spiders & they
must fight them off to save their lives. The film was done in the old 50's styled giant creature type
films. The movie was done pretty decent. There were a few slow parts & the lead male actor was a
little cheesy, but still a decent retro styled creature film.