Self Released

ARCADIA is a Metal / Hardcore band that hails from South Australia. "IN RUINS" is the
bands debut release, and what a release it is. These guys blend together many elements
from both of the above genres. They have a clean crisp sound that meshes with a dirty raw
vibe. The base of the band is planted in the Metal genre, with a lot of grooved out Thrash /
Speed Metal arrangements. They then take a lot of clean and almost epic like Power Metal
elements and blend those in as well. The guitar riffs and arrangements have a very
Progressive Metal feel to them. The back and forth guitar duelling assaults of Tim and Josh
are amazing and sometimes remind me of the guys in
DRAGONFORCE. Along with all
this comes in some heavy grooved out riffing and some killer Hardcore type break downs.
There is even a cool chugging guitar sound that runs through out some of their songs. I
really dig the vocals a lot, because they are a mixture of styles as well. There are some
really harsh thick throaty Death Metal growls combined with some melodic clean vocals,
then some harsher Hardcore type screaming vocals. They even have a few Hardcore chant
along parts as well. Over all, I guess you would say these guys fall in the Metalcore genre,
ARCADIA is not the average run of the mill Metalcore band. There are so many of
these bands drowning out the scene and
ARCADIA are way above any of those bands and
by far blow away most of the bands of this genre. One hell of an impressive debut release.
I can't wait to see how they top themselves on their next release. This is an absolute must
for fans of crushing, well thought out and extremely well played Metalcore.