ARGUS hails from my home state of Pennsylvania and plays a strong blend of Doom
Metal and Traditional Heavy Metal music. These guys have been creating music since 2005
and have taken their sounds across the globe. They first captured audiences here in the
states and have done numerous shows in Europe. "BEYOND THE MARTYRS" is the
bands third full length album release to date and is the follow up to 2011's "BOLDLY
STRIDE THE DOOMED". On this new release the guys have added a little change to their
sound. This time around they are leaning more towards the Traditional Heavy Metal
sounds rather than the Doom Metal. The Doom Metal aspects are all present, but they are
no longer the for front of the music. They have also added in some Power Metal elements
as well as some Epic Metal. The songs have a more dynamic sound and are heavily
involved. The slower more dragging Doom parts pop up from time to time. A lot of their
newer influences tend to have a bit of the European Epic Metal sound with a bit of a
Progressive Metal edge. Fans of their older stuff will still enjoy what they bring to the
table, but with adding in these new elements they will surely draw in newer fans.
is a powerhouse of a band and deliver the goods on all fronts, with well crafted song
structures, highly talented and skilled musicians and killer song writing. If you are a Metal
fan you must check
ARGUS out!