ASHURA is a South American Thrash Metal band, but how in the hell did this band
make them selves sound like
METALLICA & MEGADETH all in one glorious group.  
ASHURA kills it! This eight track CD is not enough!!! We demand more! The line up for
this "MINDHOOD" is Enrico Wolfgang Leonardo Cavion - Lead Guitars, Matteo
Snichelotto - Drums, Facundo Gaston Gordillo - Vocals & Luciano Tomas Gordillo -
Bass. The bassist is magnificent, as so are the guitar players and everyone. Again how did
this band sound like the big one & two of the big four and sound like the two in one. It’s
amazing? I wish
METALLICA & MEGADETH sounded like this now. This could
possibly be one of the best releases this year. Every Metal move was pulled through here
with this release. The vocals are great with such diversity and Thrashy done extremely
well. Loads of impact and snarl, fuck it you can't get better with this recipe for Thrash
Metal like this. If I was ordering off the same menu as
ASHURA, I'll have what they are
having. Fuck me Silly A+ guys.

                                                                                        - Reviewed by Rody Heybaker