What do you expect to get from a band named ASS TO MOUTH? Exactly what you do
get! This band hails from Poland and plays extremely brutal Death Metal / Grindcore
music. These guy come out blasting right from the beginning and never let up all the way
through the 20 tracks on their fourth release "DEGENERATE". The bands music won't be
for everyone, but fans of this style of music will love this. The music is ultra fast, ultra
spastic and ultra heavy. The Death Metal elements are present, but they are being
smothered by the Grindcore shredding it apart. As each song starts you just get
repeatedly pummeled by fast paced highly energized and angry walls of musical mayhem.
At times the music comes to a slightly slower pace, which is still much, much faster than
most bands playing this style. The only chance you have to catch up and breath is when
the song ends and before the next begins. The drums are so fast and sound almost
mechanical you would swear it is a drum machine or a drum program. The vocals are done
by lead screamer Qboot and bassist Vanilla Jerek. They mix up their styles by having mid
ranged throaty harsh Death growls, low ended Death growls and Grindcore gurgles along
with some high pitched Grindcore screams. This is a very exhausting band to listen to, so I
couldn't even imaging being in the band playing along. They reminded me of a lot of the
bands that were playing Grindcore back in the 90's that were coming out of the Czech
Republic and some of the more modern Grindcore / Death Metal bands that are on
COMATOSE MUSIC label. Most people won't be able to tolerate these guys, but if you
think you can handle it then you should go
ASS TO MOUTH! You might like it, I know
I did!!!