ATAVISMA is an old school Death / Doom Metal band hailing from France. This is the
bands first demo cassette release that came out last year. "WHERE WOLVES ONCE
DWELLED" contains four tracks of cold dark and dreary Doom laced Death Metal. The
music is mostly based in Death Metal, but it is played in a slow and crawling way that the
Doom Metal tends to take over. The guitars have a little bit of a feedback vibe that you
tend to hear in Doom & Funeral Metal type music. When it does kick in it has a faster
more aggressive old school Death metal feel to it. It actually takes me back to when I was
getting a lot of bands from the '90's sending me stuff from Greece, France & Italy. The fact
that it is a demo cassette release also plays into that factor. It has a very dark and raw
D.I.Y. feel all through out. The vocals are a mid to low ended Death Metal growl style that
is long a drawn out.
ATAVISMA is probably going to appeal more towards the Doom
Metal or Sludge Metal fan than the average Death Metal fan. Even though I'm not a big
fan of this style and kind of particular when it comes to bands like this I really dug this
and can't wait to see what
ATAVISMA does net!