Self Released

AVERSE CONCEPT is a modern Black Metal band that started out in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania and then relocated to Los Angeles, California. These guys play a very
different and unique sounding style of Black Metal music. They have the traditional dark
cold and dreary Black Metal sound, but they add in more. There are some more gritty and
raw parts that are straight out Black Metal done in an old European Black Metal style
which was really popular in the '90's. They add in some elements of blackened Thrash
Metal, which mostly comes out in some of the guitar arrangements. They then add in some
slower more dragging almost Sludge or Drone elements into their sound at times too. The
colder more darker parts is where the Black Metal dominates. They add in some
atmospheric parts to break up the sound from time to time. The vocals are done in a groggy
and gritty Black Metal growl style, but the vocals are understandable. I kept finding it hard
to believe these guys were from the United States, because they have a very heavy
European Black Metal feel. These guys are very good and deserve more attention then they
are currently getting and hopefully soon, somebody will snag them up and sign them!