Turku, Finland’s Thrash Metal sons, AXEGRESSOR, present us here with their third
full length CD “LAST”, which is their first CD released through
. Forming in 2006, and having two members in common with the late, great
CRIMSON MIDWINTER, the band is no stranger to the studio, releasing their
aforementioned first two CDs (“COMMAND” in 2009 and “NEXT” in 2011) through
DETHRONE MUSIC and having released an independent mini CD in 2007, most
appropriately entitled, “AXECUTION”. It's easy to see, pretty much from minute one,
that these thrashing Finns have listened to a fair amount of German Thrash from the
1980s. Vocally, I see both the lower register of Tom Angelripper and the influence of
DESTRUCTION’s Schmier is so blatant, I doubt anyone could argue the comparison.
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and such well done imitation of
such classic vocalists is a win for all of us. Musically too, these guys play a great mid to
up tempo crunchy form of Thrash Metal, again reminiscent of those lost days of yore in
Central Europe. Again lots of comparisons are swimming in my head, but I am going to
have to say that “INTERSTELLAR EXPERIENCE” era
ASSASSIN would be my
choice as to the closest comparison. However, it has to be emphasized, the influence
ARTILLERY has obviously had on AXEGRESSOR. Several times during my playings
of this album, musically (not vocally), the equivalences to tracks on the “TERROR
SQUAD” record were so palpable, it sent a chill up my back. Any questions should be
directed to a back to back listen of
AXEGRESSOR’s “Mind Castration” and
ARTILLERY’s title track from the “TERROR SQUAD” album.  As with so much of this
record, its not note-for-note, but the similarity is certainly present. There are so many
bands around that are trying so hard to look and act like 1980s German thrashers, the
subsequent music coming off sounding like someone taking all of the master tapes from
the harder end of the
STEAMHAMMER roster (Circa 1987) and putting it into a blender.
I've made lots of comparisons here, and this music breaks no new ground, but it is done
exceptionally well. It should be underlined that the music on “LAST” sounds in no way,
contrived, whatsoever.
AXEGRESSOR is their own band, and a band I seriously urge
fans of mid 1980s European Thrash Metal to try and check out. Easily, one of the better
sounding albums doing this specific spot in the Thrash Metal field I've heard recently.

                                                                                             - Reviewed by Keith Dempe