AYPHEROS is an extreme Black Metal band from Santiago, Chile. The band started back
in 2006 and has evolved into an old school extreme Black Metal band. They have a really
strong influenced sound of Norwegian Black Metal from the early '90's similar to
IMMORTAL, BURZUM, MAYHEM & MARDUK. The music is very raw, cold and
dark sounding with a really somber heaviness that blankets over the music. The is a lot of
Occultism in their music as well which adds to the coldness and evilness of their sound. At
times there unrelenting guitar riffs, blasting drum beats and pulse pounding bass. On top of
everything, they round out their sound with the throaty and cracking harshness of         
Haizum's growling graspy vocals. These guys take things back to the old school European
ways of the original Black Metal legends. It reminded me of finding all these hidden bands
from all over the world playing this style, when you actually had to write a hand written
letter to these bands in hopes of someone responding. Some of the best modern Black
Metal played in an old school style. If you really dig the bands mentioned above, then
your going to love
AYPHEROS. These guys could stand right next to those legends of
Black Metal with ease. Check them out now!