AZRATH XI is and Italian Death Metal band that started back in 2007 out of Italy. These
guys have gone through some musical changes as well as band member changes over the
years. Their music has changed slightly by becoming a little more on the melodic Death
Metal side rather than straight out brutality. These changes are good in my opinion. The
band has become more diverse and technical in their sound. They are still very brutal and
have that old school Death Metal vibe, but now their music has a few more levels to it. I
really like the more grooved melodic parts mixed in. It breaks things up a little bit and adds
some variety to their sound. I think with all the changes the band has gone through, they
have become a tighter, more aggressive and more professional sounding band over the years.
The vocals are done in a low ended Death growl style that reminds me of
mixed with MALEVOLENT CREATION & a touch of BEHEMOTH  thrown
in. These guys are hands down an amazing Death Metal band and can hold their own with a
lot of the bigger named Death Metal bands out there. If your a fan of any of the above
mentioned bands you must get this release! "TENTACLES AND SPIRALS" is only their
second release, so discover this band now, before they get huge and it's hard to find their