AZURE AGONY is an Italian Prog Metal band that was born back in 2006. The band was
formed by keyboard player Marco Sgubin. The band plays a very complex and heavily
involved form of Progressive Metal. These guys do have some Prog Rock & some Speed /
Power Metal also in the mix. The Prog Rock / Metal is very apparent in the arrangements of
the songs structures and intricate passages. The Speed Metal comes through in some of the
guitar work, mostly in the straight forward solo parts. Power Metal makes its present in
some of the full and epic parts as well as some of the vocal stylings.
started out as an instrumental band, because the lack of talented vocalist that could
compliment their music instead of over ride or diminish there powerful sound. "INDIA"
being the bands second release, they found a much suited vocalist in the name of Federico
Ahrens. His vocal style ranges from melodic Prog / Classic Rock to a more modern
aggressive Prog Metal style and some more ballad and full on Power Metal vocals. I could
see how these guys would be amazingly good as just an instrumental act, but I think they
made a great choice by adding Federico in on vocals. It's a great pairing of two epic sounds
to create one massive entity. I have been getting into a lot more Prog Metal over the years
AZURE AGONY is one of my favorite ones of lately. This band can not be fully
appreciated unless you experience their music first hand over and over again. Truly a very
talented and gifted group of musicians that deserve a lot of attention!