Self Released

Formed in 2011 out Belfast, Northern Ireland comes the four piece Metal outfit known as
BAKKEN. BAKKEN plays a very intricate style of Power Metal music. They do lay their
foundation in the Power Metal genre, but they add in some elements of Thrash Metal and
Progressive Metal as well. Their sound has a very Epic type vibe to it as well. It almost
reminded me of a Progressive Metal version of
BLIND GUARDIAN at times along with
some bits of
RHAPSODY. If you add in more of a Thrash Metal vibe and elements of
DRAGONFORCE, you'd get a good idea of what they have to offer. I loved the guitar
sound as it sways back and forth between Thrash Metal shredding and cleaner more in
depth Progressive sounds. I dig how they can go from a faster paced passage and then stop
head on into a more melodic and calming passage. The vocals are done in a mid ranged
Thrash / Power Metal style with some higher more melodic Power Metal vocals mixed in.
These guys have a more of and American styled Power Metal sound mixed with some
Italian Power Metal influences. If you like your Power Metal infused with some Thrash &
Progressive Metal elements then your gonna love
BAKKEN! One of the better newer
Power Metal bands coming out of the European scene today!