BANE is a Black / Death Metal band hailing from Serbia. The band was formed back in
2006 when Branislav decided to head out on his own into the underground Metal scene. The
band was just one member and although much music was created nothing really progressed
until around 2009 when other members joined the band. This eventually led to the bands
first full length "CHAOS, DARKNESS & EMPTINESS". After a few more EPs & Split
releases we come to 2012 and the release of the bands second full length "THE ACAUSAL
FIRE". This new releases sees the bands progression tremendously. They play a strong
mixture of Black Metal merged with brutal Death Metal music. The Black Metal influences
pull from both new and old school styles. There is a fast some what spastic Black Metal
from the genres early days mixed with some more melodic and atmospheric styles of today.
Then the Death Metal elements come into play with fast paced aggressive and brutal Death
Metal. This reminded me of a some what mixture of 90's American Death Metal (Florida &
Mid West) mixed with early 2000's European Death Metal styles. The vocals also blend the
two genres together with some low ended to mid ranged Death metal growls and some
melodic clean Black Metal styles with some groggy and raw higher pitched Black Metal
screams. These guys have been around for awhile and slowly built a strong fan base. With
one listen to "THE ACAUSAL FIRE" that fans base will surely grow much larger and much
quicker. This is a perfect example of two of my favorite genres of Metal merging perfectly.
From what I read the band is currently on hold as Branislav has relocated from Serbia to
Canada. He will try to resurrect BANE with new musicians. Get this one, especially cause it
may be the last material (hopefully not) we get from this amazing band!