Self Released

BARISHI formed as a three piece instrumental Metal band back in 2010 under the name
ATLATL. They hail from Vermont and have been leaving their mark on the New England
Metal scene ever since. In 2012 they found a vocalist by the name of Sascha Simms who's
vocal style leanded itself perfectly with the bands sound. They combine Fusion &
Progressive Metal styles together giving them an ecclectic and unique sound. These guys
have a strong Metal vibe, but I could see them playing to Hardcore, Grindcore and
Experimental crowds as well. The music tends to lean more towards the Metal, probably
because of the guitar work. It has a strong Progressive vibe with some odd changes and
timing added in. The Fusion of Jazz and Experimental is where the band really shines.
They stand out a lot, because of their use of non traditional methods in arranging their
songs. The music will go from melodic melodies, into some weird Experiemental parts
and then into some Jazz slam / jam session stuff and then into some heavy almost Death
Metal type areas. Vocalist Sascha Simms has a groggy growling / screaming style that
mixes Hardcore with Death Metal style. At times they even throw in some saxaphone
parts to throw you off. These guys are by far not a typical band in anyway. They remind
me of a melodic slowed down and tamer version of
mixed with
CANDIRIA mixed with STINKING LIZAVETA. Their music is very
different and could kind of be called Progressive / Experimental Doom Jazz Metal.
Maybe? These guys definately have something different going on, but they some how
pull it off and do a great job. They would surely be a great band to see in a live setting!!!