"BLOOD OF LEGENDS" is the fourth full length release from the Greek band
BATTLEROAR. These guys play a combination of Heavy Metal / Power Metal music.
The band has a killer old school '80's Epic Metal sound that runs straight into a modern
Power Metal sound. Their music is a bit grittier and harder edged that most bands of this
style. This could be from the harder drum sound and the more shredding and crunchy
guitar sound. This new release breaks the silence of the band since their last release "TO
BATTLE AND BEYOND" that was released six years ago. Since then the band lost three
members of the band and replaced them with equally if not more talented members. These
new members have added in some new flare to the bands sound. They have a bit more of a
Battle Metal feel as well as some more atmospheric passages. Their music makes me feel
like I'm bouncing back to the '80's with the classic Heavy Metal sound and then to the
present with how intricate and deeply driven the music is, but then takes me back to
medieval times with all the battle and mythology based lyrics. The vocal style ranges
from higher pitch Power Metal vocals, then some mid ranged clean and melodic Heavy
Metal vocals and then some lower Thrash almost Death Metal sounding vocals. "BLOOD
OF LEGENDS" is the bands most diverse release to date and also showcases how much
this band has improved and progressed over the years. There is no question why they are
one of the top Metal bands in Greece and this new album is all the proof you need.