BE'LAKOR is a melodic Death Metal band hailing from Melbourne, Australia. These guys
have really created a huge following for themselves in Australia and now are ready to be
exposed to the rest of the world. The music is done in a really atmospheric and some times
orchestrated style, which almost brings them into the Black Metal genre, but they still stay
in the Death Metal world. The arrangements flow so smoothly into one another that the
transition from the faster more aggressive stuff into the slower more melodic is perfectly
flawless. There is a dark overtone to their music that runs through out each of their songs.
Each song stands out on it's own and takes you on a journey, but the album as a whole
takes you off into a whole new world. The songs have some technical Death Metal aspects
to them, but they are more in the atmospheric vein.
BE'LAKOR remind me of a lot of the
Gothenburg Sweden bands that were coming out in the late '90's and early '00's. These guys
may have come after a lot of those bands, but they would be able to stand tall and hold their
own right next to them. These guys have been around for almost 10 years now and have
been paying their dues, so it's time the Metal world has giving them the respect the deserve.
Check these guys out and give them much support!