BESEGRA is a modern Thrash Metal band based out of Ontario, Canada that started back
in 2009. They have a very technical sounding Thrash Metal sound that a lot of the bands
in the New Wave Of Thrash have been playing. The only thing about these guys is that
they play it better than a lot of the other bands out there doing it. The other thing I liked
about these guys is that they through some Death Metal into the mix at times which helps
makes them stand out from the hordes of Thrash bands out there. The guitar work has a
clean and crisp shredding Thrash sound that reminds of bands like
& EXODUS. They also throw in some technical work at times to break
things up a bit. There is also a cool grooved out Thrash sound that runs through some of
their songs. The vocals is where I hear most of the Death metal influences coming in. Max
Warwick's vocals are done in a blended style of mid ranged throaty Thrash and lower
ended Death growls that are still understandable. I do hear a little bit of
in their sound, when it comes to the more shredding, faster and grittier
parts of the songs.
BESEGRA is yet another very cool Thrash Metal band and an amazing
band that does the Canadian Metal scene proud. All Thrashers must check out this
talented Thrash band that shreds from start to finish!!! Thrash on!!!