Based out of Adelaide, Australia and formed back in 1995 comes BEYOND MORTAL
. These guy later broke up in 1999, but then later reformed in 2003 and ever
since we have been getting crush release after crushing release from these guys. I have
reviewed a bunch of the bands releases over the years and always love to find another one
in my hands. They play Death Metal music that is infused with some Black Metal
influences. They have a very raw and aggressive old school European Death Metal sound.
The music reminds me of a lot of the stuff I was hearing back in the late '80's and early
'90's coming out of Australia, Czech Republic, Malaysia & Singapore. I know that is a lot
of influences from a lot of places, but that's what I hear. They have a very low ended mix
in their music which gives it that old school rawness almost like a demo release. The
thickness of their sound is very powerful and heavy. It puts such a solid thick weight on
the listener and proceeds to pummel you. Then there is the noisy and sometimes static like
guitar sound blended with some all out Thrash guitars and straight forward Death Metal
riffs. The thunderous drums go from Black Metal blast beats to slower grooved out Death
Metal blast. The vocals also crossover from Death Metal to Black Metal as well. There are
lower ended Death Metal growls mixed in with mid ranged haunting Black Metal growls.
"DREAMING DEATH" was originally released on CD in 2012 by the band and is being
re-released by