BEYOND THRESHOLD was conceived back in 2006 with members of other Midwest
Hard Rock & Metal acts. These guys have been dominating the Midwest region and are
ready to take over every where else. "WHO WE ARE", the bands newest release is sure to
help elevate them in the Metal scene. These guys blend together many elements of Hard
Rock & Metal to create their sound. The majority of the bands style is planted in Metal,
especially in the Thrash Metal genre. They have a crushing old school meets new school
Thrash Metal style. The guitars are real crisp and clean mixed with some slightly harder
Thrash sound. I liked the grooved out riffs they have in their songs a lot. They remind me of
a lot of the Thrash Metal bands of the early 90's. They also take some elements of Modern
Metal and Hard Rock in the likes of bands like
& LACUNA COIL. Add in some slight Death Metal elements, especially in the vocals,
which is a mix between melodic Modern Metal, harsh Thrash screams and low ended Death
BEYOND THRESHOLD has a lot to offer fans of all forms of Metal. Check these
guys out now before they explode and make it big. After one listen to "WHO WE ARE"
they are clearly on their way to achieving that goal!