BEYOND VISIONS is a three piece Metal band out of Stockholm, Sweden. They formed
back in 2007 and play a mixture of Heavy Metal & Gothic Metal music. The band has a
very solid and Progressive Metal sound as well. The band has gone through some changes
over the years. They started out more as a Rock / Grunge band and then morphed into a
more Metal band. They add in lots of elements from Progressive Metal, which is obvious in
the song arrangements and structures. The darker more melodic and gloomy elements is
where the Gothic Metal comes in. They then add in some grooved out Modern Metal
aspects to round out their sound. The use of the melodic female vocals in Rebecka Heijel up
against the aggressiveness of the music gives them a very coo balance in sound. Her vocals
are a combination of Christina Scabia from
LACUNA COIL and Opera singer Sarah
Brightman. The majestic and angelic vocals go great with the chugging gritty musical style.
I have been hearing a lot of bands playing music like this, but
definitely be one of the better bands out there doing it. These guys sound so talented,
experienced and professional that they should have much more exposure and be a much
bigger name in the Metal scene. Check them out and give them your support because they
have earned it! One of the best Gothic / Progressive Metal bands I have heard in a long