BLACK ANVIL are a New York based Black Metal band that plays a killer old school
style of Black Metal. The band was formed by members of the legendary New York
Hardcore band
KILL YOUR IDOLS. Originally intended as a side project, the band has
become bigger than that. "HAIL DEATH" is the bands third full length release and their
most diverse to date. The strongly plant their feet in the Black Metal genre, but add in
some Thrash Metal, Death Metal and maybe a little bit of that New York Hardcore from
time to time. First, the Black Metal tends to have that cold harsh and really raw Black
Metal feel of early European Black Metal bands. They sound almost like a live setting in
stead of a studio. The other thing that is cool is it has that late '80's & early '90's raw demo
feel from back in the day when everyone was trading cassettes. The Thrash Metal
elements come into play mostly in the guitar work. They have that grooved out shredding
and chugging Thrash sound from the early days of the genre. The Death Metal comes in
the faster more aggressive parts with a ton of blasts. The Hardcore slightly comes through
in the over all gritty attitude vibe of the band, plus it's the roots of the band members as
well. The vocals have a thick low ended Death growl with mid ranged groggy and gritty
Black Metal growls and screams. Every once in a while there will be a chant along part that
reminds me of the chants that Hardcore bands have in their songs a lot.
by far one of the most impressive and more original Black Metal bands of the past ten
years. This is what Black metal is supposed to sound like! A must for fans of